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Whinlatter 6th May, 2018

As day two of our break started we decided to go to Whinlatter forest. We have been here a few times walking the various trails and, with the Whinlatter fell on the list, it seemed a great way for the full family to do a walk in familiar surroundings.

Now as I pulled back the curtains in the hotel there was mist all around. We set off up to Whinlatter and soon were above the mist in the valley, giving us a spectacular start to the day.

This was taken half way to Whinlatter - we couldn't miss the chance to take the photo!

Once at Whinlatter, you follow the green route upwards through the woods (at the time of writing the Highway Rat was very much in evidence around the place). It's a reasonable slope through the forest until you reach the forest road.

This makes the walk relatively simple for a while before you head off to the left and see a gateway to the fell. At first glance you do wonder where the path is on the other side but, once through the gate, you turn immediately right and go straight up the hill.

This is a bit steeper than any other point of the walk but you only go up at that angle for 50 yards or so, so respite is not too far away.

The path from the top turns right and is obvious. As usual there are a couple of times when you presume you can see the top only to crest the hill and find a higher bit further ahead!

Now, as you get close to the final ascent there is a flat bit of land which is boggy. We were lucky that it had been baking hot the day before so it wasn't too bad but I can imagine it being quite difficult if the weather had been less kind. The picture below shows you it's not too wide but I still sank an inch or so each step.

The path at the top of the picture gives the first view of the final ascent, only 50 yards or so, so no great difficulty.

And with that, Whinlatter was done!

The view behind me was fabulous and, as you can see, there was not a cloud in the sky. The weather was scorching hot and we were getting through a fair bit of water!

I was proud that the whole family had made it to the top of another Wainwright fell. But then I started thinking...................................

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