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Lonscale Fell 7th April, 2023

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

From the top of Skiddaw you begin to retrace your steps down the main path. A lot easier going downhill though! As you descend you can see Lonscale Fell to your left with an obvious fence guiding you. Just after a gate on the main path you turn left and then hug the fence as it descends slightly.

At the bottom of the descent there is a fence / wall to get over but the fence is squashed down so no problem to get over it.

Once on the other side you continue to follow the fence line and then the cairn comes into view relatively quickly.

Lonscale Fell is a nice diversion if you don't fancy pounding down the main path with everyone else. This was the first part of the day when I saw no-one. There is a nice little cairn at the top

And me too!

3 Wainwrights bagged and only half 12. To get back of Lonscale, retrace your steps, over the wall and then there is a path that turns right to take you to the main drag back to the car park.

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