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Wansfell / Baystones 29th May, 2017

So after a month or so I was back in the lakes, this time solo. I'd decided at the last minute to go to the lakes and have a go at another fell or two but kepping in mind Alfred Wainwright's maxim that you take your time and savour the fells and the views.

When I arrived in Ambleside it was pouring with rain. I thought, two options now. Either forget it and go for a beer and read my book, or buy some over-trousers and do what I'd set out to do. 10 minutes later the over trousers were on and I was on my way up Wansfell Pike to the cairn at Baystones.

The walk itself was straight forward in terms of directions. Once you hit hit the path upwards it was pretty much a staircase to the top of Wansfell. To be honest it felt a little less satisfying than Loughrigg. The views were great (through the mist) but walking upstairs for twenty minutes didn't feel the same as going across open terrain.

I remembered however that the summit of Wansfell was not the true top. That involved a little stroll across the tops to Baystones. On the way across I encountered a group of fell ponies and a sheep with three proper legs and one "gammy-looking" one. She looked at me, I looked at her and after a few "It's alright sweetheart I'm just having a walk" she let me past!

Baystones cairn was added to by a little stone I'd picked up on the journey up. A second fell had been conquered (maybe conquered sounds a bit over the top but that's how it felt!)

Update 23rd August 2021

Theo has reduced the deficit in fells completed to 3! We went up Baystones today as we were staying locally in Ambleside. Original plan was to go to Helvellyn but low cloud put a stop to that so a cheeky 2 and a half hours up to Baystones and back meant Theo got a new fell under his belt whilst I returned home empty handed!

And here he is on number 102!

I seem to be looking younger on this photo than when I originally went up Baystones!

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