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Sour Howes 27th October, 2017

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

So having checked the weather forecast (set fair) and then had a look on my son and I (he is only 7) decided we'd have a go at Sour Howes. At 1,585 feet this was the biggest fell he'd tried to date having only been up Loughrigg before. A promise of a packet of football cards seemed to sway the decision to come with me!

We arrived nice and early and secured a spot in the small parking area just before the church at Troutbeck and, suited booted, we headed off. The chat was dominated by what our dream football team would look like and then, from 10:30 onwards when was lunch going to be served!

As you can see there wasn't a cloud in the sky and soon we were removing layers as the effort of the walk warmed us up. Sour Howes was more what I expected from a fell walk I suppose. Whilst it was hard work, a bit boggy in places and steadily uphill, we were amongst the bracken and had glorious views around the surrounding area.

At 11:10 (exactly 2 hours after we started) we were at the top and, giving in to the inevitable, lunch had to be taken whilst we looked at the views. My son's thoughts on the climb - "hasn't it been great that there's been no mobiles today." Who needs mobiles to play games on when you get these views for nothing!

Me trying to look cool!

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