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Sergeant Man 21st July 2018

Now, as the mist had descended at the top of High Raise we were left with a choice. GO back the way we came or head towards Sergeant Man. Now, despite not knowing the terrain we decided that the easiest route back to the valley would be via Sergeant Man and so we set off.

We'd only gone a few yards along the path when, voila, the mist lifted and we could see our next fell beckoning us.

For those who want to do the bagging of fells quickly the Langdales are great as with minimal real effort you can move from one to another. High Raise to Sergeant Man taking around 15 mins.

And there was number 3 of the day for me

("I've got 5 now Dad came the reply!)

And so we were off back down to the Hotel for a well earned drink. On the way the mist lifted wonderfully and gave us some lovely views.

Pavey Ark and

Harrison Stickle.

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