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Sale Fell 7th May, 2018

And so Bank Holiday Monday started with blue skies and only a few wispy clouds around. The original plan had been to head to Keswick and walk up Latrigg but we decided (well I did) that we would go up Sale Fell instead. It's pretty much the sister of Ling Fell so I knew where we were heading.

The whole family set off and it is clearly a favourite with dog walkers as well as hikers. I think there were a record number of the little fellows on this walk!

Again a simple walk.

Through the gorse and turn left...

Path around the edge of the fell.

Stop for a look at Bassenthwaite lake....

The follow the wall up....

You then meet a wider path to take you to the top. There are some paths appearing to head to the top much earlier on this walk but after the experience on Ling Fell I ruled that we take the more leisurely route to the top as we were in no rush.

Again, fab views from the top. So lucky to have had weather like this for three days in early May. I had now clocked up 21 fells and Theo was up to 14! So proud of him. He only has 200 to go now.

Oh go on then, here's one with my arms raised!

The drive back to Manchester was much quicker than the drive up, thankfully, and rounded off a great few days for us.

A big shout for the Castle Inn Hotel as well. Really nice rooms and staff were all very friendly.

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