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Outerside 14th April, 2021

As I had reached 99 fell tops on Barrow we turned to Outerside as our next objective. I said to Theo I was happy to go back down and get my 100th on another day but he said he really wanted me to get there today, so off we went.

Firstly a short descent to pick up the obvious path on the picture below.

This path is clear and easy underfoot and soon Outerside swings into view.

You can follow the path all round the base and come up the other side from this phot but there is also a path that branches off to the right to allow you to go straight up the front edge.

There's a bit of heather first though..

and finally the ascent is straightfoward but there are some rocky bits to contend with.

Not too hard a climb and well worth the effort from Barrow to come to Outside. Theo has reached a brilliant 96

and I had, amazingly, got to 100 Wainwright fell tops.

I can't begin to tell you how good that feels. It is quite an achievement for me. Others will do the Wainwrights more quickly no doubt but I never dreamed that I would get to the top of 100 of them when I started this. Next up is to get Theo to his 100th Wainwright, can't wait for the next trip.

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