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Loughrigg Fell 30th April, 2017

So, here we go. My first ever Wainwright Fell. The family and I were staying in a B&B in Ambleside (I won't say which one as I'm not getting any advertising fee) and I had decided that Sunday, 30th April was the day we'd tackle a proper fell. Loughrigg was chosen because it was a stone's throw from the hotel.

We had our directions from and had a GPS map on the phone.

The first hike up the tarmac lane was steady and I soon felt I was doing some work. Within twenty minutes we were away from the crowds and heading out onto the fell proper. I won't lie, there were a couple of times when I thought this wasn't my greatest idea - muscles aching, following a path that I was convinced was the right one etc. but we ploughed on - forever upwards! And then finally there was the trig point in the near distance.

The walk did not take that long but my legs were suggesting otherwise. There had been no scrambling over rocks or horrible weather, just a good walk albeit mainy upwards.

As the family made it to the top of the fell the view opened up over Grasmere (the background photo to the website) and I could finally say I'd done a Wainwright.

1 down, 213 left.

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