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Little Mell Fell 21st October 2018

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

The family decided to head up to the Lakes for a few days in late October. I wasn't sure what the weather would be like when it was booked but, no matter, whatever the weather the Lakes is always glorious.

Theo and I headed up on our own early on the Sunday morning to knock off a couple of fells before joining the rest of the family. Our first stop was Little Mell Fell.

As the name suggests it is not the biggest mountain in the world but it is good fun. It reminded me of Hallin Fell in that once you park up you pretty much walk straight up the hill to the summit.

The ground suggested we weren't the first visitors to the mountain! This initial climb is simple enough and after a minor traverse (below) you start to head straight up.

Once you turn to the right the summit comes into view.

As you can see, sunny it wasn't! The key was there was no mist ad so we were nice and safe if slightly damp. As the pictures tell you Theo was leading the way up Little Mell Fell and so he was first to the top and his piccy has to come first!

Dad did make it too.

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