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Lingmoor Fell 31st May 2018

So after being Theo and I on Monday, this time the whole family had come up to the Lakes for a couple of days break. I had agonised a little over which walk to do as I want to make sure everyone will enjoy the walks. So I decided on Lingmoor fell since I had looked at it a few weeks earlier when I was in the Langdales doing Pavey Ark etc (although I missed Loft Crag as Theo continually reminds me).

We made our way to a small car park near Blea Tarn which did seem a bit of a cheat to me as we missed out Side Pike from the ascent but I guess the ends justified the means and I didn't want people to be unhappy with the climb.

Blea Tarn with a little mist. It did brighten up as the day went on.

The route from the car park involves walking back down the road for a couple of hundred yards before a distinct route appears on the right hand side. This climbs quite steeply through bracken with a few minor undulations.

I do like this type of walk. Feels more at one with the mountain in some way and also feels more like an adventure than some of the wide, obvious paths on Fairfield, say.

This is the final little ascent before you see a slight drop to a wall with a stile. I did say to Theo we can "cross the wall with style" at this point but he didn't seem that impressed!

Once over the stile there is a simple path up beside a fence to the summit. Really not difficult and takes 10 or so minutes until you reach the summit.

And there you have it. Another Wainwright knocked off the list.

There was a real treat on the way down as the sun came out and bathed the Langdales in sunshine. It was nice to see Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle and Pike o' Stickle in the distance and know I'd conquered them already. Theo did point out you could also see Loft Crag!

What a month May 2018 has been. Quite a number of fells have been done, mainly in wonderful sunshine and including some big fells in height terms. Lingmoor may not be the highest but the views into the Langdale valley are great and with the promise of a pint back in Ambleside, what more could you ask for!

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