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Latrigg 26th August 2018

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

When we stayed in Bassenthwaite earlier in the year Theo and I were going to go up Latrigg on our way home but decided against it. Given it is a relative tiddler it seemed like one the whole family could do together.

We got up to find it was raining. Not hard but enough to make you wonder whether you wanted to bother. We decided to drive up to the little car park near the Latrigg / Skiddaw crossroads so it meant a chunk of climb had been done under engine power. A cheat I know but it was either that or not bother!

Latrigg from here is a doddle. A gentle path meanders around the fell giving a great view of Keswick and beyond.

There is then a final stretch back from the main viewing point to the top.

There's no cairn or anything like that at the top so we picked what looked like the highest bit and stood there. I guess it'll have to do!

This walk takes around 40 minutes from locking the car to unlocking it again but for families with little ones its a great way to introduce the concept of climbing a mountain and the views you are then afforded. Or for those who don't fancy a big walk but want a good view. If you do want to park here though you need to come early as it only fits a few cars.

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