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Kidsty Pike 19th September, 2020

From Rampsgill Head (wherever that is) we followed the obvious path to Kidsty Pike. This, for me, is an iconic fell top as I had heard of it for years so to be on the approach felt quite special.

The approach let us look back to what we had achieved so far in the day. Spectacular.

Soon we were on the final small ascent of the day.

And we had done it. 6 fells on a great walk.

We both look a little tired... we were! Now just the walk down Kidsty Howes to the car. On the way the views of Haweswater open up again.

The descent is a little scrambly at times. Bums were used on a number of occasions but this adds to the fun (he says!). Back to the hotel after a 6 hour, 9 mile walk. Theo up to 90 fells completed and me on 94. Fancy a pint? oh go on then.

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