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High Raise (Langdale) 21st July 2018

Those of you who have read all my posts will both know that I came to the Lakes in May and completed a number of the Langdale fells. As we'd made it to the top of Loft Crag I took Theo to Pike O'Stickle and Thurnacar Knott so he could cross them off his "bagging" list. At Thurnacar Knott we stopped for some well-earned lunch and the mist dropped once again. It was touch and go as to whether we carried on. I didn't want my heart to rule my head and so we decided we would start towards High Raise and see how things were, knowing we could always take a detour to Pavey Ark and make our way down from there (not a though I was relishing). Anyway, as we set off it was clear the path was obvious and the ground around us flat and, as the mist lifted again we could see High Raise in the distance.


Less mist! The walk to High Raise really is lovely. Probably alot better in sunlight but still there is nothing hard to it at all. Just a pleasant stroll across the fell. As you approach the summit the path remains quite distinct.

And there we were at the top of High Raise. And just as we took our photos at the top.........the mist dropped again!

and one of Theo at the top as well.

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