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High Pike 28th May 2018

So after much discussion over a number of weeks Theo and I decided we would attempt the Fairfield Horseshoe! We were going to go on the 27th May but the wind up at the top of Fairfield was supposed to be up so I decided to delay it by 24 hours when conditions were set to be clear and settled. Great decision by Dad!

Now you may be thinking the horseshoe begins with Low Pike but as I'd already done that I have skipped it here to move to High Pike. But I'll add a little narrative for you.

Parking in the main Ambleside car park we set off. Up Nook Lane and Sweden bridge and onto the fells we went. The weather was fabulous - not a cloud in the sky.

After around 40 minutes we were off the wide gravel path and onto the fells proper. About half-way up you come to a stile (seen here behind Theo) which you cross and have the wall to your right.

The climb to Low Pike is steepish in places but gradual in others so you feel as though you are making good progress. After negotiating the "bad step" (we climbed up near the holly bush) its a steady climb to the Low Pike summit. With that, Theo had bagged a Wainwright and I hadn't - the boy is catching me up!

Theo at Low Pike top.

Onwards we went making our way towards High Pike. The terrain is very similar to Low Pike, steady climb with the odd steeper bit but nothing out of the ordinary. It is just a case of keeping the wall near you. Looking at the ground it is clear that after a few weeks of dry weather boggy patches had dried out nicely. I daresay others wouldn't be so lucky.

You can see by the picture below the views were opening up nicely and it was great to be with my little pal on another adventure.

As you go up towards the summit of High Pike you begin to get a sense of the horseshoe and it can look quite intimidating but so far the paths are clear and wind was light so I reckoned we were alright for a bit longer. I have a rule with Theo that if he's had enough he let's me know and we go back down - no problems, no recriminations - I tell him we stay safe and happy first and foremost. I also tell him to watch where his feet are and if he wants to look around stop walking!

With that we reached our destination - High Pike summit.

I must say thankyou to a couple we were criss-crossing with on our way up the horseshoe for kindly taking our photo. Nice to have one of us together at a summit.

What's next Theo asked - well I said, it's Dove Crag where we'll have lunch - and with that he was off like a rat up a drainpipe. Lunch was calling.

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