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Heron Pike 28th May

Heron Pike is next on the horseshoe and I did feel a sense of achievement as we set off to it from Great Rigg. Mainly because I had seen it from the main road on so many occasions and never thought I would be at the top of it.

Again the path is straightforward and it follows a similar pattern to the walk from Fairfield to Great Rigg, heading slightly down before rising to the summit.

I would also say at this point that I was glad I'd bought a 3 litre water bladder because the temperature was high and we were thankful we brought 6 litres of water with us for the walk.

Why is Theo more photogenic than me? Please e-mail to disagree with that statement.....go on....please!

Not the most impressive cairn at Heron Pike but who cares! We were 7 down and 1 to go. The final push for home was on as we made our way downwards towards Nab Scar.

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