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Hart Crag 28th May 2018

Now here was a bit of a sting. Looking at the map we knew we had a little climb to get to the top of Hart Crag but after the relatively gentle stroll to Dove Crag we were in for a shock. There is a downhill bit first from Dove Crag to Hart Crag! Oh it's a lovely and gentle downhill bit but all the time you can see the next bit of the climb getting higher and higher. I was certainly glad we'd stopped for lunch as we'd got more energy inside us and the delay had perhaps stopped any thoughts of calling it a day.

The picture makes the terrain look worse than it is. There are a couple of bits where I used my hands but not for very long. Maybe the additional weight from a grab-bag of crisps was altering my balance!

Again after not too long a time we had reached the top of Hart Crag and were now 4 peaks in with 4 to go. We looked at the map again and realised it was probably now easier to finish the horseshoe than go back the way we came so all was good with the world. Cue Captain Underpants impressions (excluding the underpants bit for reasons of common decency, plus your Wifi might block the image otherwise!)

Why doesn't Theo look as tired as me?

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