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Harrison Stickle 12th April, 2018

Now I have a confession to make. I set off towards Loft Crag as I thought that was a Wainwright fell but, as I got halfway, I began to doubt myself. Instead of ploughing on regardless and going up it I stopped, had a mars bar and decided I didn't think it was on the list (more of that later) so I turned towards Harrison Stickle.

Harrison Stickle is clear to see both from the Langdale valley and especially at the top of the Langdales. Making your way towards it is very simple with well defined paths leading up to the summit. The above picture is taken after the main walk up from the plateau below Loft Crag.

There are small boulders (if there can be such a thing) on the final climb to the summit but it is only a case of minding where you put your feet - there's no scrambling involved at all.

And, again only 20 minutes or so after leaving Pike O'Stickle, I had made it and was rewarded with the best looking cairn of the day!

I toyed with which picture of me at the top to put on here. Having not had one of me with fists clenched I was highly tempted by that one but, seeing as how I had done 5 Wainwrights in a day, I decided on this one.......Enjoy!

By the way those are laughter lines on my face!

The view from the top of Harrison Stickle is, again, breathtaking. My pictures have all been taken with a phone camera and I think next time I will take a proper camera in the hope of getting some slightly better snaps.

As you leave the summit of Harrison Stickle you turn right and there is a route down to Stickle Tarn. This was quite difficult I felt, partly because legs were tired but also there is a little bit of concern as to whether it was a route or not! The cairns dotted along though guide you and give you confidence that you are going in the right direction. They truly are a wonderful sight to a nervous walker.

What a truly awesome day. There were highs and mild lows on it. Returning to Stickle Tarn from Blea Rigg to see mist on the top of Pavey Ark and then the trek up the North Rake of Pavey Ark did make me doubt the sense in this project, but the sense of achievement in making it to the top is beyond words for me.

When I got back down to the Langdale valley (a real work out for the knees I might add) I popped out my Wainwright fell map ready to tick off all the fells of the day only to see that Loft Crag is on the list! I could of done 6 today instead of 5!!!!

Did I care? No, not a bit, because I will return to this area again anyway, not just to tick off High Raise and Sergeant Man but because the views are spectacular and Stickle Tarn is so peaceful and beautiful. I'll do Loft Crag then. Hopefully the rest of the family will join me and they will experience the beauty of this place.

Having spent a good 7 hours on the fells, I was back at the bottom, safe and sound and enjoying a well earned pint when I realised I had now done 15 of the Wainwright fells. "So what" I hear you cry. Well instead of having over 200 to do, I could now say I had less than 200 (199 to be precise).

That felt so good I treated myself to another pint!

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