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Great Crag 10th July 2020

So a weekend in the Lakes beckoned and we were trying to get Theo to 80 fells completed. After he got to 40 fells I did a photo-book for him of his first 40 and said I'll do another book after the next 40 and so on, therefore we needed to get 4 fells bagged this weekend.

As there is so much more light at this time of year we decided to get Great Crag under our belts on the Friday after a reasonable drive up.

We parked at Watendlath and headed road the water following the obvious road / path.

This really is a lovely, easy start to the walk and it is just a case of follow this road then you drop over a small ghyll (?) and then you pick up a path which climbs a tiny bit before you head across a boggy area.

The stepping stones across the bog mean there is no chance of wet feet.

On the picture above you can see Great Crag at the top right of the picture. Easily attained. The stepping stones carry on for quite a way before you drop down to a gate and then follow a staircase upwards.

Again this is a little steep but you are going up a fell, what do you expect! Soon the top of Great Crag becomes more obvious but there is only a faint path so we struck off right and towards the summit.

As you can see it was a slightly grey day but nice and cool for a first walk in a few weeks.

Theo looks much cooler than me at the summit.

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