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Fellbarrow 27th May 2019

Over breakfast, superb by the way, we were again toying with the idea of going to Haystacks and, instead of doing the High Stile ridge, knocking off Fleetwith Pike as well. Theo had been sniffly overnight and so I said to him I think that might be too much today so why not head north and do Fellbarrow and Low Fell. We'd still get two Wainwrights done but shouldn't be as strenuous.

The initial bit of the walk is on stony(ish) ground which higher up could be slippy in the wet but no problem for us today.

Pretty soon though (after crossing a couple of fields) you are out of the open fells.

This path bears to the left and is a gentle, if slightly tiring, mile or so before you reach a dilapidated gate. Don't go through that but rather turn right, drop down over a couple of streams and head up the other side.

The path goes slightly to the right of the tree in the left of this picture and you follow that until you reach the fence line. Then keep the fence to your right and head up again.

It looks gentle on this picture but it has some steep bits. Soon enough you reach the top and there is a little stile to get over to reach the trig point. Job done!

Theo, the highest man on the mountain at this point!

And, for a change, one of the two of us at the top of Fellbarrow.

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