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Fairfield 28th May 2018

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

So after completing Hart Crag, and eaten lunch, we realised we had done half of the 8 fells on the Fairfield horseshoe. Also, talking to Theo, we realised that it was actually easier now to complete the full 8 rather than turn back as we could see the final 3 fells were on a gentle falling slope.

As we set off to Fairfield, though, we were again confronted with a drop down before a climb. So much for only having another 30m of climb from Hart Crag! The picture below shows the drop from Hart Crag before the final climb to the wider path leading to the Fairfield summit.

Rocky climb and then the nice path up Fairfield.

As you can see the final ascent to Fairfield is on a nice wide path. On the day we did it there were alot of people having the same idea. The top of Fairfield is fairly big and I could imagine it would be confusing in mist - as is stated in just about every guide book you read on the subject. Wasn't obvious which was the top cairn either. There are a couple of wind shelters and cairns but we went for the one that seemed like it was the highest, if not the most impressive. Most people seemed to be having the same idea and my GPS said it was the top. No matter we'd still done it.

I made it!

And so did Theo.

The path down was roughly south from the top and quite distinct. It was great to see the walk stretching out ahead of us and realising it was now more down than up!

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