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Esk Pike 22nd April 2019

What a day so far. A hard walk up from the Langdale valley before knocking off Rossett Pike, Allen Crags and the wonderful Great End. We set off back down the highway to where we had picked it up after completing Allen Crags and then we had a decision to make. Back down to Langdale and the hotel or carry on? After a brief chat we decided to carry on and do Esk Pike and see how we felt after that was completed. Off we went!

The initial bit of the climb is a little rocky underfoot but the path is fairly obvious most of the time. The is some clambering with three points of contact required but it's not too difficult. Not that easy either though!

We headed left at the base of this rock strewn avenue. We saw some go right and then quickly descend so we knew we were on the right the left. There is no right or wrong way up I suppose but you have to be careful whichever way you choose as the rocks could do an ankle in if you try to rush it.

But we made it to the top of Esk Pike and fell top number 4 of the day.

Not the most comfortable of seating arrangements!

We then headed over the other side down a steep and stony path. You need care here as there is loose stones on some of the obvious path which can make you slide a bit. We were careful and had no such problems though. We could then see Bowfell (to the right of the picture below).

Just after the rocks you can see midway up this picture is a drop to Ore Gap. From there we looked up to the final climb to Bowfell and I looked at my watch. It was 4pm. I decided that, whilst we could no doubt have got up Bowfell and down The Band in daylight I wanted us to be certain of doing so. I also thought, we know our way down from Angle Tarn and there is a path(ish) from Ore Gap to Angle Tarn. So, with a slightly heavy heart, I made the decision that we call it a day and save the Crinkle Crags - Bowfell walk for another day. We had had a brilliant day on the fells and, as David Powell-Thompson always says, we made the right mountaineering decision to go back down. There's no doubt we would have done Bowfell if we hadn't gone to Great End but no matter. As we said it will still be there tomorrow.

What a brilliant day. Even though I picked up an annoying blister on the "Staircase of doom" (as I christened the path we had come up in the morning) the pint felt all the sweeter for knowing I was on 54 fells out of 214 and Theo had reached 49.

The following day we went to Dodd (near Skiddaw) and walked to the top of that. I was on my second visit but Theo made it to the top and so moved to 50 Wainwright fells completed. Not bad for an 8 year old!

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