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Cat Bells 31st March, 2019

Before I started my attempt at completing the Wainwright fells the whole family had started, but failed to conquer, Cat Bells. This was 3 years ago and, whilst I was disappointed at the time, it didn't really bother me. However, now it was on the list and must be completed!

After a couple of days of chatter Theo and I decided we would do Catbells and see how we felt as to whether we would continue to Maiden Moor and High Spy. We had spoken about just going to Grasmere to pick off Calf Crag but he was keen to knock off more than just one fell in the day. I couldn't argue with that logic, so Calf Crag and my feet will have to wait to make their acquaintance!

So, knowing that the clocks had just gone forward we set off for Catbells confident that we'd probably be one of the first there. Ah.......Ended up having to park a good half mile away.

There it is.

Catbells is a pretty easy fell to get up. The path up is obvious from the very start and zig zags it's way up the side of the fell. The path is also really well laid out so there is no fear of going wrong - plus you can always follow the people ahead, there were loads of them when we were there.

Catbells seen from a distance has at least two knobbles on the way up. Obviously not the true top but it is a relief to reach each one as it shows you're making progress but also flattens a little giving the legs a rest.

The lump in the middle of the above picture is the top so , best foot forward and off you go.

The last bit needs a little care and sometimes hands and feet need to be employed but there is nothing too difficult about it - like all the fells, just take care.

This is the very last climb to the top. And we were there!

And I made it too.

Having knocked off Catbells we decided pretty quickly to carry on to Maiden Moor. As you can see the weather was perfect. I little nip in the air but the exercise was keeping us at the right temperature. Read on...

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