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Brock Crags 17th April 2022

Having renegotiated my way through the peat hags between The Nab and Rest Dodd I turned towards the wall dividing the two. Climbing diagonally you make your way across until you get through one of the various holes in the wall.

Hug the wall for a bit...

After a while you leave the wall and follow the path up and over the ridge.

After this little climb the path takes you down the other side of the ridge

but soon the summit of Brock Crags comes into view, hoorah!

And Brock Crags wins the prize for the best cairn of the day.

As you can see by the skyline it was a beautiful day but still chilly enough to need a fleece up at the top.

Note to self - look at the lens on the phone not your own picture!

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