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Brae Fell 22nd June, 2019

Turning back round from the summit of Knott we headed back to the summit of Great Sca Fell which we'd visited half an hour or so earlier. You can see Brae Fell in the distance and it is, crucially, lower!

Passing over the top of the top of Great Sca Fell you head to Little Sca Fell. Not a Wainwright but has a lovely cairn.

From Little Sca Fell you can see two distinct tracks. You head to the right to pick up that track and it is a really pleasant walk after all the work you've put in so far.

As you approach the top the cairn begins to peer at you and you get that little burst of energy that always accompanies such a wonderful sight.

There were quite a large wasp-like creatures at the top so it was quick photo and off again. Me first this time.

Theo's stone definitely the highest on the cairn!

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