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Black Fell 24th March 2018

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

So after a gap of a few weeks whilst the Beast from the East and then the mini Beast from the East swept over Britain it was time to go back up to the Lakes and get another fell under the belt.

As it was a full family trip I decided that it would be best to go for a smaller fell rather than push my luck with one of the higher fells (although Theo would have been happy to do that I'm sure!).

So after a bit of research I thought, park at Tarn Hows and then its a gentle stroll to the top of Black Fell and, if I pushed my luck, I thought we could go round to Holme Fell afterwards.

Tarn Hows (above) is a lovely gentle walk with good paths which we've done many times but today we took a left off the track and headed towards Black Fell. It's not that much of a slog to be honest. Once your legs warm up a bit its a fairly gentle climb up - I guess it is one of the smaller of the Wainwrights so we should have been able to do it relatively easily.

It was still a bit damp in places after rain the day before and, I assume, the melting of the snow of recent weeks but feet stayed pretty much dry all the way up.

As you can see from the photo you follow a decent path for a big chunk of the walk before going onto the fell proper. Even the fell is gentle though so it's a pleasant hour walk from the Tarn Hows car park (free parking if you're in the National Trust).

And so here is the obligatory photo of me at the top with a bonus photo of Theo (he had asked why he hadn't been shown in the blog as yet!)

Me without my arms raised in triumph for a change!

Where does he get that pose from?

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