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Binsey 5th May, 2018

And so, dear reader we return to the Lake District in May, 2018. This is the first bank holiday in May and is a few days after I turned 50. I know you're looking at the photos and wondering if I've been photo-shopped but, no, I really am that young looking!

It was me and the two kids on 5th May, ready to knock a fell or two off and we were at the north end of Bassenthwaite lake. I think I'd stayed there before, or certainly near Keswick but this was an adventure north for us as a family. The drive up on the Friday had been horrendous (nearly 4 hours) but we were up and few and ready for fell number one of the day, Binsey.

It's not a complicated walk by any means. You park near Binsey lodge (space for a handful of cars) and then through a gate onto the fell. From there you follow the wide grass path upwards.

This is looking back from around three quarters of the way up the fell. It's a nice way to stretch the legs if you are then thinking of moving on to a second or third fell. Total time up and down - little more than an hour including looking round!

Summit of Binsey in sight.

Obligatory picture of me at the top! Note the great cap (my other one being left at home) and the latest addition to my mountaineering kit - a proper GPS!

Also got a camelbak water carrier in the rucksack (blue pipe visible in the bottom right). This is brilliant. Saves mucking about taking about taking your rucksack on and off for a quick sip of water.

Anyway fell 1 of the day - boxed off!

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