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Barrow 14th April, 2021

So with 4 Wainwrights completed in our mini-break we looked for a smaller mountain top to climb near Keswick and Barrow was the one we chose.

We parked up in Braithwaite and headed along the driveway to Braithwaite lodge.

When you get to the end of the drive, which way do you turn???

oh, cheers! So the path is wide and grassy underfoot. The first bit is steep but there are loads of footholes now in the grass so no danger.

This is one of those fells where there seem to be a number of tops before the summit! This is the first...

and this is the second....

But soon enough (45 mins) the real summit comes into view.

And with a last push we had made it to the top of yet another Wainwright. This takes Theo up to 95

Whilst I had reached the last 2 digit number, 99!

The views, as you can see, were spectacular and I was tantalising close to 3 figures and so we looked forward from the cairn and Outerside beckoned.

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For a non walker which climb would you recommend. Easy on the feet

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