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Barf 6th May, 2018

I do hope you're reading these blogs in order otherwise they will just seem to be the ramblings of a man in his prime!

So Theo and I had decided to trot on over to Barf, grab a pic and return back to Lord's Seat, follow the Green route back down to the cafe and meet the rest of the family. Easy as pie?

Well, partly. The walk to Barf is pretty much downhill from Lord's Seat with a bit of boggy ground along the way but nothing too horrendous. Again caution here, it was very hot so maybe there was a dry crust we were stepping on!

This is the final bit from Lord's Seat. Took about 15 minutes in all and, as you can see, the final bit is upwards but not too much. And with that, Theo and Dad had done three fell tops in a day!

Our reward was the view of Bassenthwaite (here in the background). You really could see for miles around and I was glad I had my little pal with me to share the moment and the view. Theo saying that Lord's Seat was his new favourite fell because of the view.

However, we then had to walk back up Lord's Seat to go back along the same trial we'd left the ladies on earlier. Now that was hard work! Once you hit the paths pictured in the Lord's Seat blog it was fine but going back up from Barf was tiring in the heat and we got through alot of water. I was so glad I'd bought a 3 litre camelbak plus additional bottles of water for the two of us.

This final image is from the forest track (green route) back to the Whinlatter centre. Even if you don't like walking, Whinlatter is a great place to unwind.

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