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Armboth Fell 1 December 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Armboth Fell had eluded me a few times so, having made the top of High Seat, we turned back and headed towards the top of High Tove on our journey to Armboth Fell. The frosted ground was beginning to warm up from the sun and we were soon having the odd boot in the squelchy bog. Mostly mine I have to say but I do weigh a little more than Theo!

Having returned to High Tove we had a sarnie and then set off for Armboth Fell. Now, normally I take loads of pictures but I kind of forgot on our walk across. I took this one so you can see the obvious path!

The boulder that the path heads towards is the Birkett top, so I understand, and so on reaching it, you go over the top and head south west-ish to the Wainwright top. Frankly I think either will do but, if you're doing the Wainwrights you have to go to his top, so we did! Me first this time ;)

And here is Theo at the top.

So I am up to 72 Wainwrights done (over a third of them - wow) and Theo is not far behind on 68 (31.8% completed - sorry but I am an Finance Director!).

We then headed back over the Birkett top and carefully negotiated our way back to Armboth Car Park. This was a brilliant day - legs didn't ache other than a bit after going over the boggy bit to High Seat. It might have been a bit chilly at times but the clear sky made for great, safe walking and spectacular views. A great way to bring in December.

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