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Allen Crags 22nd April, 2019

Having reached the top of Rossett Pike you have done the main bit of climbing for the day. The reward was a walk down a pitched path to the lovely Angle Tarn.

And from the other side the wind made the Tarn shimmer in a really beautiful way. The sun was up, God was in his heaven and Theo and I were having a great time.

I understand why people don't bother walking up fells, too much effort etc. and I was in that camp for many, many years but when you see things like Angle Tarn (above) you realise what those people are missing out on. Just superb.

Anyway, back to business. The picture below shows Allen Crags on the right. The walk is up to Tongue Head, then back down a little before this final ascent on the path you can see snaking to the left. At that point there is a wind shelter which we took advantage of to have a sarnie!

Then it is a rather scrambly walk up to the top of the fell. You don't need 3 points of contact here, two will do but the loose stones can try your patience at times (and your knees on the way back down!)

Finally at the top and we can say two of the four we set out to do are complete.

Bit more hat hair I'm afraid!

From here you retrace your steps back to the wind shelter (crisps and chocolate were partaken at this juncture) and then you have a gentle stroll to a crossroads, high on the fell. Go to Great End Blog for more!

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