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Raven Crag 20th October, 2019

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

After a six weeks (!) absence we decided on a there and back in a day jaunt to the Lakes. I had seen that the west side of Thirlmere was open again and so thought we'd do Armboth Fell and High Tove but as we drove up I started to have second thoughts. Not that they are difficult but because the weather had been horrible for the last few weeks and with these fells noted for being boggy I thought such a walk might be bad news.

So we changed our minds and headed for Raven Crag just a little further down the west side of Thirlmere (virtually at the top of the lake).

The start of the walk was, as you can see, not too far from where we managed to park!

The crag on the left of the picture is the summit of Raven Crag. The walking is pleasant if a little steep at times. Not Graystones steep but without a warm up you could feel it in the first twenty minutes of walking.

As you can see a little rough underfoot as well but an easy path to follow.

You cross a couple of forest roads on the way up. After the first crossing you get a nice meander through some forest before crossing the second forest road and heading between the bracken.

About 100 yards after the picture above you come to a gate / fence which you can just walk round (always makes me laugh that) and you take a left and head up some stairs!

The final few stairs are even easier.

And after around 45 minutes you're at the top. Simples!

As you can see there was a bit of mist in the background and it started to rain lightly just after our photos were done. The view from the top is well worth the small effort.

And with a gentle stroll down for 30 minutes you're looking at a maximum time to do the walk of an hour and a half. We really plodded up this one as we knew we didn't plan to do anymore today.

This is a fell you could do again and again - good for all ages I would say.

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