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Pike O'Blisco 24th August 2019

So, after a long 2 months absence from the lakes due to weather and suffering with sciatica we were back, on a bank holiday weekend so we presumed we'd be guaranteed cold miserable weather but no! The sun was out and so, on the Saturday, Theo and I decided on a big day.

The Plan. Pike O'Blisco, Cold Pike, Crinkle Crags and then Bowfell on a mammoth walk.

We got dropped off a little way up the winding road from the Old Dungeon Ghyll so that we'd approach Pike O'Blisco from one direction, hit the summit then straight over the top to the next peak of Cold Pike.

We set off through what we thought would be a lovely path through bracken. The bracken was wet through and soon our trousers were soaked and, just as we thought it'd come to an end...


Thankfully, after about a half hour of flicking wet leaves into the person behind we were clear! Across a small ghyll and then onto a pitched path - which looking back was an easier (and drier) route up to where we were now stood.

The pitched steps here are easy to negotiate and were reasonably gentle in ascent terms. It's pretty much a "straight up the mountain" type path.

You aim for that little hollow near the top of the picture and from there you take a right turn onto flatter ground. That is, however, a bit of a trick because there is a bit of scrambling up ahead to add a bit of fun to the ascent. The picture below is of the first, and hardest, of the three.

I should point out that this was wet when we went up it and it may not be normally. It was a little difficult to do but doesn't take too long if you plot your route first. There may be a way to avoid it but that wasn't too obvious to us.

After the three bits of scrambling you can see the summit. The cairn pictured is to the south of the summit proper so go past this and you soon see a more impressive fell top!

Looks like Theo nodded off at the top! I guess it was a tiring walk up.

As you can see it was a warm day.

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