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Bowscale Fell 13th April, 2021

After the efforts of doing 3 Wainwrights yesterday (Dale Head, Hindscarth and Robinson) we decided to just knock off one on this day. We were staying in a flat near Keswick and so a five minute drive took us to Mungrisdale where we decided to visit Bowscale Fell.

Leaving the village we took a turn towards the Tongue (see below). this route takes you around the left hand edge of the Tongue as you look at it and seemed a more gentle ascent than others on offer.

The boggy ground has been covered thankfully!

After following these slabs you are soon onto the path which meanders around the left edge of the Tongue and it is a steady climb.

and just around the corner you see the remainder of the walk to the ridgeline.

Once you get to the ridge there is a small stone....

at which point you turn right and follow the path to the summit.

And after around an hour of walking you have another Wainwright tucked under your belt!

and Theo as well.

From here you retrace your steps back to the stone. Now we did consider going to Bannerdale Crags which didn't seem too far or too much more climbing but in the end we decided we would save that for another day. And so we headed back the way we had come and stopped halfway for lunch.

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