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Beda Fell 9th August, 2020

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Another hot day and Theo and I decided we would head down past Howtown to Martindale to tick off Beda Fell. We managed to park near the new church and then headed down the road to a small fork where we turned left to follow the road for a while longer. Beda fell to our right.

After dropping down past the old church (with it's 700 year old Yew tree we were told) you make your way diagonally through bracken, heading away from the the summit but to join the ridge-line.

Where the photo below is taken there is a metal bench with a dedication on. A lovely spot to look at the views which are beginning to open up for you. The path through the bracken is, again, obvious.

And on it goes! There are a number of tops to go across but we knew we were still a way off the true summit.

No this isn't it either!

Ah here it is...A final push and you are there.

Another Far Eastern fell done on another beautiful, if very very warm day.

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