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The Nab 17th April 2022

After scaling Rest Dodd you can see The Nab from the summit.

The path down from Rest Dodd is quite steep and care had to be taken. From here though you could really get a sense of the peat hags between you and the next summit. A couple of chaps I met on the way down said to aim right to avoid the worst of it.

At least you can see where you need to get to but just navigating the hags took some time as the path ends sometimes and you have to pick your own route through.

Pleasant! Anyway once you make it through this alien landscape you pick up the final path and after twenty minutes you are at fell top number two for the day!

Sorry about the face on this but I was glad to get through the hags but realised my route to the next fell, Brock Crags, required me retracing my steps through the hags for a second time!

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