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Sergeant's Crag 19th August 2022

Having reached the top of Eagle Crag the walk to Sergeant Crag is pretty easy. You can see it on the way up Eagle Crag and, having left the former summit, you drop down about 50 metres or so and Sergeant Crag comes into view. And yes, it was wet underfoot!

But you soon pick up a path...

And then another...

And in about 20 minutes you are on the last leg of the walk from Eagle Crag to Sergeant Crag.

Once you crest the bit above the summit comes into view. I bet it looks lovely on a nice day!

And it really is that simple. After the fun of climbing Eagle Crag the walk from there to here is a doddle.

But no cairn!!!!!

After this I thought about whether to bother with Ullscarf as the weather had been horrible with wind and rain. I had to go the same way whatever my decision so off I went. To have a think!

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