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Seat Sandal 26th March, 2022

So I was solo again today. Theo decided he has other stuff to do now on a weekend. A shame but so be it. I will still carry on with the Wainwrights but on my own.

UP early and got to Grasmere for 7:30, managed to park a couple of hundred yards below the Traveller's Rest pub so an easy walk to the start of the walk, which is 50 yards past the pub.

The start of the walk is pretty straightforward and follows a nice easy path..

You follow this for a while before crossing a ford and ending up on the other side of the ghyll. The path then follows the coast to coast path and again, is really straight forward to follow.

After about an hour you cross below the waterfalls which are beautiful to spend some time near

10 minutes or so after the falls you reach the top of the climb out of the valley and you are rewarded with Grisedale Tarn which today was just beautiful. I sat and had a brew and soaked up the views!

The final ascent has it all. A bit of scree and few bits where three points of contact were needed, before the last flattish grass top.

And the final ascent of grass top is nice underfoot.....

And there we are, number 106 done.

Kind of a fellow fell climber to take the photo for me to prove I was there.

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