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Sallows 27th October, 2017

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

If you've just read Sour Howes you'll know I was in the lakes with my son and had reached the summit of Sour Howes. My plan had always been to see if we could bag two Wainwrights in a day and from Sour Howes we could see across to the summit of Sallows. After a little coercion, and the promise of a second packet of football cards, we decided we'd bag the second as we were already so close.

The walk across from Sour Howes involves a small descent slightly away from the way of the crow but we were soon following the path towards our destination. On the way I was telling my son about trenchfoot in the First World War (he was doing the war as a topic at school - I hadn't completely lost my marbles!). He was interested and asked lots of questions most of which I had to pretend I knew the answer to!

We came to the style that led onto the Sallows fell and after a few yards hit a short boggy patch. I made it across relatively easily but my son's foot went into the bog and the walking shoe filled slightly. Cue question about whether he was now likely to get trenchfoot! Like all parents I was asking myself why, why, why, did you mention that.

The climb to Sallows is pretty easy from Sour Howes, you've already done the hard work getting the height, and soon (less than half an hour later) we were taking photos at the top of Sallows. 5 fells done!

The descent was a lovely meander down the old road back to the car then a trip into Bowness for a drink (after the stop for footy cards of course).

Dear reader - I will try to get a better pose than this as the fell count increases....but don't get your hopes up.

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