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Robinson, 12th April 2021

From Hindscarth we had Robinson in our sights. We chatted about whether to leave that and come back from Buttermere one day as we still had the return walk to Honister but we decided in the end to just get it done as we were already so close.

Similar to the Dale Head to Hindscarth visit you go back on yourself before heading down, and down in this case was a bit further than anticipated!

The path to the right was the one we favoured but the drop meant a bit of a slog upwards once more. This really took some determination to do as we were both getting tired after so long away from fell walking.

We stopped a good few times to enjoy the view!

but we finally made it to the top and, for us, the Newlands Valley fells were complete.

Now just the simple task of retracing our steps back to Honister....That was not fun at all. We have the drop from Robinson and back to Hindscarth before the same up to Dale Head. It was so tiring but when we picked up the fence again that signalled our descent from Dale Head was well underway we picked up the pace, ready for a well-earned rest!

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