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Rest Dodd 17th April 2022

On a decent morning weatherwise I was back in the Lakes and parked in the village of Hartsop. Originally the plan was to do Brock Crags and Angeltarn Pikes but as legs were feeling good I decided to head up Rest Dodd first. From the car park I followed a great path towards Hayeswater.

The path soon crosses a ghyll and then heads upwards but still nice and clear!

After a while Hayeswater comes into view but you turn left to head up beside a wall but the views to Hayeswater improve as you gain height.

The path then turns a little muddy but at least it is soft underfoot. This bit only goes on for a hundred yards or so but it feels longer with it being slippery.

Once at the top of this little climb a proper path comes into view which is the Coast to Coast path. Once you're on that the top of Rest Dodd comes into view.

The start of the path up wasn't obvious so I had to improvise a little but soon you are on the final ascent.

And after about an hour and a half the first fell of the day is conquered!

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