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Rampsgill Head 19th September, 2020

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

So from High Raise we retraced our steps. Now, on the walk from The Knott to High Raise we went past a cairn where peeps were having pictures. We looked at it and then the map and know it wasn't Rampsgill Head as it was clearly not the highest ground. We ploughed on to High Raise and then can back in search of Rampsgill Head. This looked like the place....

But there's no cairn. We wandered around for twenty minutes but couldn't see anything obvious so, having passed the cairn previous we determined that the highest point we could see would do for us!

But where is the top???

Oh well. It still counts as we did about 3 laps of this area. So we turned homewards and the final fell top of the day, Kidsty Pike.

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