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Pikeawassa 12th August, 2020

We set off with the intention of doing Pikeawassa and then potentially going further up to Loadpot Hill on the Roman Road.

Again, parking near the newer church near Martindale we set off behind the church and the path is pretty obvious through the bracken.

Some geology along the way as well.

This is in the hardest bit of the walk. It is steep and, whilst there are some footholes in the ground, the going is not simple at all. Quite a few times the ground was so parched we had a small slip underfoot. This only lasts for 15 minutes or so and soon the path opens up again.

And grass is once more underneath your boots.

And soon enough the top comes into view.

This rocky outcrop being the top of Pikeawassa.

It seems I may have nodded off!

At this point I should say we set off early and were parked up at 8:30 am. We were at the top in less than 40 minutes but it was a baking hot day. Under normal conditions this would be a lovely little fell on a summers evening but in the heat of this day it was too much. We had loads of water and were drinking steadily but we both decided it was too hot for us to carry on any higher today and so we turned back.

The view to the church was lovely though.

Another great day though and one we will remember for a while. In total the walk was a little under an hour so would be ideal for a late afternoon, cooler walk.

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