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Nab Scar 28th May, 2018

So the final fell top of the day is Nab Scar. On our journey around we spoke to a number of fellow walkers who were saying which way round the horseshoe was best. I have to say I prefer anticlockwise. There is a hard slog for the first couple of hours but then the walk is relatively easy despite the odd sting in the tail when you have to drop down to come back up (see Hart Crag).

As you can see from the above picture the path is distinct and simple to follow. Windermere glinting in the distance was wonderful. We also kept saying the houses were getting bigger so we must be getting nearer to the end of the walk!

You do get some magnificent views on the way down.

One of the questions though was where is the top of Nab Scar. My GPS said one place and a chap told us it was this cairn!

To be on the safe side we took pictures at both locations!

No matter which is which we had just the walk down to Rydal ahead of us and we had completed the Fairfield horseshoe. The final descent is pretty much laid out as a staircase which I always find a bit boring and harder on the knees but no matter.

I can't tell you how proud I was of Theo for doing it. He was the one who'd badgered me to do it and I didn't think we'd manage it.

It's 10 plus miles and took us 7 hours but it was a fabulous day. And just as we got to the road at Rydal the bus turned up - we got an easy final two miles back to the car at Ambleside. Hooray!

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