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Low Pike 30th May, 2017

If you read the post on Baystones you'll realise that this is the day immediately after. I awoke at 5am with legs and other areas seemingly lacking any proper functionality! I had a shower, to no effect, and then decided the only way to get my legs moving again was to go for a walk. And so I did 3 or four laps of Ambleside to get the movement back.

The hotel breakfast also set me up for the day but I did wonder whether going home and chilling might be preferable to what I was considering.

But no! I cried to myself. You came here to walk, so go and walk. And with that I was off to try Low Pike.

It soon became clear this was a different walk to the first two. The walk from Ambleside over Low Sweden Bridge was fine, a walk through the bracken- fine and then there were rocks in the way! My first bit of scrambling. I did feel I'd achieved something as a climbed up and around various obstacles until I saw "bad step" and realised that was not quite as I imagined. I skirted around it.

I persevered and after avoiding some boggy areas (thankfully highlighted by Wainwright and the Walklakes map) I go to Low Pike. I could barely see a thing. The weather had closed in and my thoughts about perhaps heading upwards to High Pike took a backseat. I hoped that the view would be wonderful, inspriational, make me feel as one with the world and it might have done if I could've seen it.

I chose to turn tail and head back down and back home but I knew I'd upped my Wainwright tally to a mighty 3.

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