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Longlands Fell 22nd June, 2019

So from the top of Brae Fell you begin to head away from where we'd parked the car but the path goes in a wide curve to the right.

As you begin to turn you have a choice. You can go up Lowthwaite fell first and then on to Longlands but we decided to miss that and go along the edge of Lowthwaite and head straight to Longlands.

Again it is not a difficult climb at the end in the normal scheme of things but you fell it after a day on the fells.

This lovely track takes you to the top and we had done it. I'd hoped for 2 fells, thought we might get 5 and we ended up with 6. What a brilliant, brilliant day.

I should point out that by this point I had slightly burnt the back of my neck but Theo hadn't. He turned his cap around, I didn't. This boy is no fool!

You can just see the edge of the halo over my head here!

On Sunday we got up with the intention of doing some more fells but we were thwated in our attempt to get to Armboth Fell again. So we went to Ambleside, had a drink and came home. One of my best weekends in the lakes. Theo up to 60 fells topped and me on 64, just amazing adventures.

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