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Little Hart Crag 9th April 2022

After getting to halfway through the Wainwrights I quickly decided it was time to reduce the remainder by 1. From the top of High Hartsop Dodd it is a troll to the top of Little Hart Crag in comparison to the trek up the nose of High Hartsop. But first have a look back to Brothers Water.

The path is clear and obvious..

Not too much up and down either thankfully

Finally you have a little bit of a path up through the rocks

and as usual that isn't the top! I thought it was from the map but there is a further outcrop of rocks just beyond this and, as there was a cairn on it, I guess that is the top.

I mean it looks like that is the top doesn't it? Anyway, picture time...

Beyond this you drop down and take a left alongside a wall to the head of the Scandale Pass. I contemplated going on to do Red Screes and Middle Dodd but I made a promise to myself that this year I would only do what I set out to do and so I headed down the Scandale Pass back to the car.

On the way down I got a bootfull of water from sinking a foot in a bog so if you come down that way take care.

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