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High Tove 1 December 2019

We woke up, well rested from a good meal at the Priest Hole followed by a good kip at the Fisherbeck B&B in Ambleside. After a wander into Ambleside to pick up the paper and get some provisions we were off to tackle my latest nemesis, Armboth Fell. This was the fourth time of asking for me having been thwarted twice by road closures and then by my felling it was going to be a bit boggy last time. (we did Raven Crag instead that day.

So today we were in the car park and I was determined to do High Tove and Armboth Fell and, if we felt like it, High Seat. There was some frost on the ground

but the autumn colours across Thirlmere were beautiful.

The grassy start to the climb soon gave way to rock and some ice which we had to be very careful to avoid.

A little after this picture you spot a zig-zag path to the right that takes you, eventually around a tree

but not long after this you go through a hole between wall and fence and you are out on the open fell.

The path above feeds you directly towards the top of High Tove. The ground was frozen pretty much solid and so that meant dry feet but you can see how in summer it would be a bit minging to walk across.

Soon, though, there on the horizon is your first glimpse of the cairn and, after some "watch out ice" and "bit of bog here" moments, we reached the top!

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