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High Rigg 1st June, 2018

On what looked like a decent day we decided to go North and knock off Raven Crag. This resides at the top of Thirlmere and, as there was thunder forecast for late afternoon I thought this would be a relatively quick up and down before we might need to hunker down.

However, the roads towards the proposed car park were all blocked off and we then saw that Raven Crag was out of bounds because a storm had brought down a number of trees and it wasn't safe. Thankfully I had an alternative - High Rigg.

Halfway up Wren Crag.

This walk was going to be longer but looked relatively straightfoward again. We parked up and headed up Wren Crag which is a little steep in places but again there is an obvious path. We saw evidence of what the storm may have been like as there were a number of trees, of decent size, blown out of the ground.

After the initial climb to the top of Wren Crag which is festooned with trees you reach the fells proper and it becomes almost a ridge walk in places.

This is a lovely walk for a family. Not too difficult to follow the path and all the hard work is done in the first half an hour or so. Sure there are a few bits that drop down before rising up but they don't last very long and nothing is too difficult walking-wise.

The picture below is of the final approach to the summit. There is a small drop before the wall where they may be a boggy area in wetter time but we managed to skirt around it very easily.

You stick to the wall here and as you get around half way up you can see a path to the right. However, this is the Birkett top not the Wainwright top and as we were concerned that the heavens might be about to open we headed straight to the Wainwright top.

Final route to the top.

Captain Underpants rides again....Tra, la laaaaaa!

And a slightly more sober view of me! My hair has turned distinctly blonde over the last week due to the sun. Imagine how blonde I would have been if I'd squeezed lemon onto it as well. Just gorgeous!

From the summit there are great views south to Thirlmere and Blencathra to the North. Well worth the walk. Coming down we went straight across the summit on the steeper descent. This takes you to a lovely little church.

Just after the church, you leave the road to follow the bridle path which skirts around the bottom of the fell and back to our start point.

And to end this blog - here is a moody shot of me. One man and his mountain.

So, dear reader, I have now done 30 Wainwrights - 23 this year to date. I am pleased with the efforts and what I have got out of the experience. There are many adventures still to come I'm sure but the first 30 have given me so much enjoyment. I love the quiet, the views, the effort and the sense of achievement when you see that cairn. Cheers.

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