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High Pike (Caldbeck) 8th September 2019

So, as I mentioned at the end of the note on Carrock Fell we had a pleasant mile and a half across a grassy plateau to reach High Pike.

There was a little bit of boggyness (is that a word) on the way across but it is a lovely, easy bit of walking after the "fun" of the initial climb up Carrock Fell.

The path, such as it is, does disappear at times but on a good day like this you just keep aiming forward.

After a lunch stop we made the final ascent of High Pike. Again, easy walking really to the fell top.

After the handsome cairn of Carrock Fell this one is slightly less handsome.

Round the back there is a wind shelter and near to where I took this picture there is a bench dedicated to a Mike Lewis, aged 16. Not sure how he passed but at 16 it is a sobering thought.

Theo up to 64 fells and me at 68 fells.

The walk down High Pike is lovely. Soft ground with evidence of the mining in this area on show as well. We aimed for the mine road down but you can continue along the grassy fell if you wish. All in all, Carrock Fell plus High Pike took us around 4 and a half hours. A great day rounded off with a visit to the chippy in Ambleside.

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