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Great Sca Fell 22nd June, 2019

Having completed Great Cock Up and Meal Fell the next in this little line of fells is Great Sca Fell. The chap we met at the top of Meal Fell asked if we were heading to the col or straight up the front to the top of Great Sca Fell. You can see from the photo below that there is a split in the track to the left to the col.

We went for the direct assault and so we said to the chap "Straight Up" ...but oh is it steep once you get on it! Actually when I look at the photo above again you can see it's steep.

We did stop a good few times on the way up but,as I said, we can plod and still get there. When you begin to see the ground flattening it does give you a little bit of a thrill and then it flattens fully and you're on your way to a very handsome cairn. Theo there before me as always!

But I did make it sporting my, relatively new, North Face pants!

3 down on the day and then Theo said "what's that one Dad?" After a quick check I said "Knott" mate. "Shall we go and do it as we're nearly there anyway?" he says. "OK then mate, it's only half a mile and 60 metres up". And so we set off for Knott with my thinking, this could be 6 fells in a day!

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